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So, since we're just getting to know one another, here's something you should know right off the bat: I make stuff up.  I make stuff up in my head and I write it down, and that's one of my favorite ways to spend my time.  I used to do it a lot more - all through my childhood and into high school, I wrote and wrote and wrote.  Poems.  Short stories.  Half-formed attempts at very odd little novels.  It was a rare moment when I wasn't scratching something in a notebook or typing something out when I should have been doing other things.

Then I went to law school, and... here's the thing.  I once heard someone compare law school to boot camp: they break you down so that they can re-build you into the person they want you to be.

Um.  Yes.  That sounds about right.

So by the end of my third year, I could craft a Motion to Dismiss that would BLOW YOUR MIND,* but I had given up writing about the people floating around in my head.  In fact, I'd almost forgotten about them entirely.  Everything was property law and bar prep and contracts and briefs, and there just wasn't a lot of room left (in my brain or my day) to hang out with my imaginary friends.  That's not to say that the law doesn't have its own kind of creativity - you take this story, you take these laws, you figure out how to fit them together and make an argument out of them.  But let's face it: lawyering does not feel like writing.  Not even close.  Not to me, anyway.


If you love writing, you can't leave it alone  it won't leave you alone you write.  You just do.  Within the last two years or so, the stories starting banging on my brain more and more insistently, and finally I had no choice but to listen.  Poems started eeking out, then ideas for longer stories.  I got back to my writerly self.  And now I'm steeped in words.

You guys.  I have never been happier.

So that's what this blog is about: this newish journey of mine, which is really just the process of getting back on a path I never meant to leave in the first place.  It'll probably be a few parts life, a few parts writing... who knows.

I'm just going where the words take me.

*Yeah, okay, probably not.

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