who am i?

Ahh, one of life's fundamental questions, the profound mystery that everyone from Hamlet to Zoolander has tried to figure out along the way.  Everyone wants to know who they are at their core, the reasons they act and react the way they do.  And hey, it's great to discover that kind of thing about yourself.  (As anyone who has survived the turmoil of middle and high school knows - it's not always an easy question to answer.) 

While discovering the inner workings of your own mind can take a lifetime (and/or lots of therapy) there are some shortcuts.

I am fascinated by these tests.  We all know we're different, but it's usually hard to understand exactly how.  What makes us tick?  Why do some people respond to situations confrontationally, while others shy away?  Why is my head in the clouds while you've got your feet firmly planted on the ground?  Enter the Meyers-Briggs personality test.  I've taken it.  I've made everyone I know take it.  It has repeatedly freaked me out with its accuracy.

Turns out I'm an INFJ.  (And am I ever: intuitive, conflict-avoidant, stubborn, a bit of a perfectionist, private, and consistently doubting that I'm living up to my own potential... yeah, don't you want to be best friends now?  Ha.)

I've also taken this test on behalf of my characters.  If you're bored with the same old character worksheets ("hair color?  eye color?  family situation?  best friend?") this can be a way to dig a little deeper and help you really get into the mind of your characters.  Not what do they look like, or how did they get here, but who are they?

And while you're at it... who're you?

Have fun!

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