merry merry!

I've had my nose buried in work and writing lately, but I'm emerging to send you all warm fuzzy happy holiday-type thoughts.  I'm a Christmas girl myself, but whatever you celebrate - or even if you don't - please know that I'm wishing you a cocoa-and-fuzzy-socks-by-the-fire kind of next few weeks.

(warm fuzzy christmas)

(warm fuzzy hanukkah)

(non-denominational warm fuzzy)

I may or may not post again before the new year, but feel free to begin preparing yourself for an inevitably sappy Resolutions post.  (Oh, now, don't pretend you didn't know it was coming.)

Merry merry and happy happy!

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  1. Thanks! I just bought some warm fuzzy socks, so now all I need is some cocoa and a good book.

    And I wish you and yours a very Married Christmas!