speaking into the frost @ gayYA.org

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Thing You are Doing with the following announcement: 

I have a guest blog up over at gayYA.org! 

"I could probably list one hundred reasons why I write, but one of the most important is this: we only have so many opportunities in our lives to transform bad things into good. We only have so many opportunities to take things that are muddled and angry and difficult and shape them into things that matter. We can choose not to lie every day of our lives, but we only have so many opportunities to say things that are very, very true."

I really enjoyed writing this post, and I'm delighted to get to share it with you, so please head over and read the rest

(And for anyone who's here from there - welcome!  Come on in, put your feet up, have some hot cocoa, introduce yourself.  I'm always thrilled to meet fellow writers, bloggers, and kindred spirits.)

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