you got me trippin' on sunshine

The weather is finally starting to be consistently beautiful here.  Yesterday I had my first meal of the season out on my back porch, sipping iced tea, eating salad and quinoa.  It was perfect.  Spring is not my favorite season (nothing beats the crisp woodsmoke of autumn) but it's certainly a very close second.  Everyone in Boston was out in full force this weekend.  Never let it be said that New Englanders don't appreciate their sunshine.  When we get it, we bask.

In other words, it's spring, a time of change, etc. etc.  And I wanted to check in here if for no other reason than to document some changes in my work.  After much internal debate, discussion with the wife, and just generally driving myself and everyone around me nuts, I sent my lovely writing partner a frantic and rambling email a few weeks ago that said (and this is most definitely the condensed version): "Dear Lovely Writing Partner, I AM FREAKING OUT I THINK I WANT TO TAKE A BREAK FROM WHAT I'M WRITING BUT I'M PRETTY SURE THAT MAKES ME A FAILURE AS A HUMAN BEING OMG WHAT SHOULD I DO SEND REINFORCEMENTS HALP."

And she - normal, sane, reasonable person that she is - responded immediately with instructions to 1) breathe and 2) remember joy.



I sat there, blinking, and let that idea wash over me for a second.  I had been powering through my story for a year, and it wasn't so much that it was stalled as that I had just grown weary of it.  Even though I still loved to write, writing that project had become a joyless task.

But joy.


That's something.

So after that, the decision was simple.  That WIP is in the drawer, for the moment, resting and working some things out (I hope).  In the meantime, I am fast-drafting a new shiny project that has been flitting around in the back of my mind for a few years, and just coalesced into something write-able.  Fast-drafting is also something that's new to me, but I'm loving it.  It's freeing to give myself permission to make mistakes and just keep going, and it's exhilirating to watch my word count go up so quickly.  It forces me out of my head, which is exactly where I ought to be when I'm in first-draft mode.

So: new season.  New project.  Warm breezes.  Joy.

Life is good here.

How are you?